General Information and FAQs

Gift Service

If you know the shoe size of the person receiving your gift, we will wrap the PVs and include a card with a short message. See details in the order section. If you do not know the shoe size of the person then we can send a Gift Voucher on your behalf with contact details of our website for the recipient to redeem.

Bespoke Service


Although we have an extensive range of PV® designs if you have seen something in our collection which isn’t in the colour you are looking for then please contact us as we can often accommodate colour changes quite easily.


Your feet and toes are completely unique and if you find that our standard sizes don’t fit comfortably then we can make the size of our PV® to your exact foot size with a couple of simple measurements. Please don’t hesitate to email for details. Depending upon the number and type of beads required there is often no extra charge for this service.


The beauty of handmade items is that we can always accommodate changes to our designs. If you have seen a particular focal bead but would like it in a different setting then please email with the details and we will do our best to help create your perfect PV®


If you are a Bride to be and are looking for PV® for yourself and your bridesmaids we would be delighted to offer you a personal consultation at our Studio in Wendover where we can specially design PV® for you and your wedding party. There is a £30 booking charge for this service which is refundable with your order.


Race Days, Festivals, Spa Day, Birthdays or Grand Balls? Whatever is a special occasion for you at Porter & Venus we would be delighted to design a perfect PV® to match your shoes or your outfit. We love creating gorgeous PV® to add that final personal touch. Please get in touch for details.

Sizing Guide

Your PV® should be comfortable to wear and shoe size is a good indicator of the correct size to choose. However it is not always the case if you have very short or very long toes. If you are concerned please contact us directly or check the chart.

SMALL 3 36
4 37
6 39
LARGE 7 41
8 42
SPECIAL SIZES Bespoke service available

Care Recommendations

To extend the life of your PV® handle with care and do not overstretch when putting them on. Your PV® may need an occasional wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. Leave to dry naturally. All PV® are supplied with an organza bag for storage. With crystal glass beads you might find a piece of cloth wrapped around the PV® will avoid them beads scratching against each other, especially if they are always carried in your handbag.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wear myPV®

Slide your foot into the PV® and hook the small loop around your second toe. Centre the PV® on your foot and make sure the beads are spread comfortably and evenly around your foot and ankle. Do not wear PV® if you experience any discomfort or have any foot infection.

How do I care for my PV®

Your PV® may need an occasional wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. Leave to dry naturally. All PV® are supplied with an organza bag for storage so they can be kept in your handbag, jewellery box or travel bag ready to add that extra touch whenever required.

Can I order PV® in different sizes

Yes. If your shoe size does not fall within our standard range we offer a bespoke service. See our bespoke service page and complete the enquiry. Depending on the size required there may be a nominal charge.

I can’t find the right combination of beads

We have a bespoke service and will put together the right combination for you to match your shoes and/or outfit. Please complete the enquiry on the Bespoke Service page and we will be happy to design the perfect PV® for you.

How long will it take if I place an order for bespoke PV®

If we have the appropriate beads it can take as little as a week but if we need to find something outside our normal stock then it could take longer. Please give as much time as you can if you are looking for something for a particular occasion to avoid disappointment.

How long will my PV® last

Although PV® look quite delicate, with carefully handling they should last for well beyond the 12 months guarantee. Keep in a dry environment and do not over-stretch when putting on. Sea water, chlorinated water and skin creams can harm the stretchy crystal thread so PV® should be gently rinsed should they come into contact.

One of my PV® has broken

Should your PV® need restringing within a year of purchase send the pair to us, with all the beads, together with a stamped and self-addressed envelope and we will be happy to reset them for you free of charge. If your purchase was made before that time you can still have them reset for a small charge. Please contact us before posting.

I have an allergy to some metals, would PV® be suitable for me?

Some of our PV’s do not contain any metal beads but our finishing clasp and tiny PV tag which is attached to one of each PV set is made of metal. If you would like to enquire about a bespoke metal free PV please contact us on or call 01296 622822 to discuss.

Are the pearls in your PV® real?

All reference to pearls in our current collections of PVs are glass faux pearls. Currently seed or real pearls are only available through our bespoke service.

Payment & Guarantee

We have an extensive range of PV® designs which are constantly updated to reflect changing seasons and current trends. We therefore do not hold large stocks of any of our designs and we hope that uniqueness will delight our customers. If you see something you like we would encourage you to buy it quickly although we do offer our bespoke service to ensure you have the PV® to suit any occasion or outfit.

We aim to despatch your order within 7 days although some particular orders may require finishing to your particular size and can therefore take up to 14 days to be despatched if they include specialist beads. If you would like a set of PV® delivered urgently please call and we can advise what stock is available for immediate despatch.

Your PV® are guaranteed for 12 months from purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us on or 01296 622822. Your consumer rights against faulty goods are not affected.